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About This Episode

Amelia Zachary


About Me

I am an author writing a book about my chaotic and magical life. I am an immigrant to America. People have trouble placing me. I am a Malaysian woman along with my American husband raising our two children, one of whom is a profoundly gifted 6 year old. Manic and depressive states of bipolar color my mothering and relationships as well as self development. Our fun and adventurous life has been the front and facade of my high functioning state masking the debilitating life long effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from rape. Surviving suicidal attempts and ideation, I pick up and carry on. I have recently embarked on documenting all this chaos, pain, struggles and hope for joy and full depth of experience in life as it is. I hope my memoir will help others going through the same grief or those with loved ones coping with this pain to find solace and comfort in a possibility of a life with the pain. A functioning life that is ours. I want to be part of the conversations that pushes normalizing mental illness and removing the stigmas around rape victims. I would like to be part of conversations that also move to eradicate victim blaming and promote victim healing. I’d like to give hope to those who have experienced the pains in taboos that I have that a rewarding life is yet within reach for us.


What we can chat about :

  • Life with Bipolar DIsorder
  • Barriers to treatment in mental health
  • struggles in relationships with bipolar
  • children living with a parent with bipolar
  • self development and achievements with bipolar
  • Struggles in parenting with mental health
  • Rape
  • LIfe after rape
  • Parenting girls after rape
  • relationships after rape
  • parenting profoundly gifted children
  • humor in parenting children who are different (gifted / neurotypical)
  • disappearing from m family tree as years go by
  • child-rearing in multicultural setting in our home
  • child rearing in a predominantly white city
  • Journey as an author documenting this blend of flavors that make my life in my upcoming memoir.

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