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About This Episode

Maura Barclay


About Me

Maura Barclay is a Neuro Facilitation Specialist, author and Transformational Leadership Consultant. As a thought leader, she is best known for her groundbreaking work in the intuitive empowerment field with her book Unbreakable Woman® Compassionate Self-Defense and intuitive empowerment programs which she presented for nearly two decades across the nation for federal agencies, fortune 500 companies and the US military.

Her work as a fire fighter, two-time title winning body builder and martial artist have informed her process of helping people physically embody their personal authority and confidence.

Her cancer diagnosis in 2016 brought about the realization that she too had been ignoring her deep truth and hiding from her authentic power. This awakening led to the creation of Soulfuleader™ which provides the tools to help people surrender to their wiser, higher selves and become world-class CEO’s of their thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Her early career as a mind-body Master Instructor, traveling around the US training teachers in therapeutic movement, meditation and embodied anatomy, has contributed to the evidence-based methodology she employs in her Transformational Intensive training for HNW individuals and Effortless Enrollment™ Without Selling program for Transformational Leadership Coaches.



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