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About This Episode

Alison Arnoff


About Me

Alison Arnoff left a career of several decades in tech, including 7 Start-ups resulting in 5 acquisitions and 2 IPOs, to create Dare 2 Be Coaching and live her passion enabling tech leaders, especially women, to accelerate their careers and improve the company’s bottom line through confident and effective communication. Alison is a former nationally ranked Division 1 swimmer and triathlete and has always broken barriers as a female in tech, often being the first woman in many roles over her career as well as getting a Master’s in Engineering. Alison also has a habit of taking her backpack and getting lost in jungles of emerging nations of chumming up sharks to dive with them.

In 2020, on an easy bike ride, Alison had unexpected chest pain and ending up having open heart surgery. Complications arose and Alison ending up unconscious for 6 days, almost dying several times and ending up having to learn to walk again, regain body strength, overcome a dropped foot, and had more surgeries and hospitalizations. Today Alison is back! Living life, hiking, biking, paddling and back to serving others. She restarted her business with a renewed focus and commitment to dare others to be the best version of themselves.



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