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About This Episode

Cindy Shaw


About Me

Cindy is a great person to interview. One of my top ten interviews in 2021.” – The Rex Andrew Show

“Cindy provided so much value with her knowledge about the brain and practical tips for building better brain health and wellbeing.” ~ The Mindset Mastery Podcast

“Cindy was an exceptional guest to have on BV-TV and her message about Brain development is so very appropriate to every business leader in today’s altered world. We’re having her back!” ~ Malcolm Gallagher

π™’π™ƒπ˜Όπ™ 𝙄 π˜Ώπ™Š…

As a CertifiedΒ Brain Health Coach and Mental Performance Trainer, I help others enhance their brains’ function to build a strong, sharp and resilient mind.

Virtually none of the most famous success and health and wellness gurus cover the most important thing β€”the brain.

IΒ focus on the brainΒ because it is the most important organ that you have.

In fact:

πŸ”Ή Your brain is the core of who you are that’s responsible for the way you think, feel, act, and interact with others.

πŸ”Ή Our stressful, 24/7, non-stop, unhealthy lifestyles affect our brain’s ability to function at its best.

πŸ”Ή When your brain’s health isn’t optimized, it can result in anxiety, depression, ADHD, lack of emotional regulation, decreased focus, poor memory, sleep issues, and difficult relationships.

πŸ”Ή When your brain is healthy and balanced, you’re better able to be focused, goal-oriented, creative, calm, organized and resilient.

π™ƒπ™Šπ™’ 𝙄 𝙃𝙀𝙇𝙋…

Based on the latest research in neuroscience and behavioural psychology, I provide a detailed roadmap on how to naturally improve one’s overall health, happiness, and well-being.

Specifically, I teach methods on how to:

β˜‘ Improve Mood, Focus & Concentration

β˜‘ Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression

β˜‘ Build Resilience

β˜‘ Prevent Burnout

β˜‘ Optimize Performance

β˜‘ Enhance Health & Well-Being

π™ˆπ™” π™Žπ™π™Šπ™π™”…

In my late 30’s I began to explore brain health as I feared that I had early-onset Alzheimer’s. At the same time, I was concerned for my daughter’s mental well-being as she struggled with severe anxiety and ADHD. As someone who taught mindset and cognitive performance strategies for years, nothing I knew helped me overcome my brain fog and my daughter’s anxiety.

This led me to learn about the brain and howΒ mental health is actually brain health. Today, I blend leading-edge brain health, neuroscience, and behavioural psychology to teach people natural strategies to optimize their brain and mind to live better lives.

Check out my links to see if I would be a fit for your podcast.

I look forward to hearing from your soon!

~ Cindy

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