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About This Episode

Scott Bennett 


About Me

I believe that every stock that will soar in value and financially change your life has billion dollar fund managers consistently buying shares. 

After working for over 16 years as a financial planner at one of the largest asset management firms in the world, I found a new way to track over a trillion dollars of fund manager buys so you can profit and feel confident in the companies you own.

Investing without anxiety and fear has not always been easy for me. Like many people, I’ve struggled to know what stocks to buy, when to stay invested, and when to sell. 

My “A-HA” MOMENT came during a dinner with a $200 billion dollar fund manager meeting. I discovered that his fund was so big that he was single handedly pushing stock prices higher with his buy decisions. I thought..

  • What if I could analyze his trades and buy before he was done accumulating shares?
  • What if I could do the same with other billion dollar fund managers?
  • What if multiple billion dollar fund managers are all buying the same stock? 

I created INVEST with RULES, an online research newsletter, where I deliver a free weekly newsletter covering interesting, up-and-coming investing ideas as well as trend analysis on stocks, bonds, and gold so you will know if it is time to buy, sell, or hold. 

I run a premium newsletter called Inner Circle where I help investors identify stocks that billion dollar fund managers are buying and selling.



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