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About This Episode

Episode # 88 Kaley Roberts – her personal journey transforms sexual assault into book


Kaley Roberts tells female stories with rigor, compassion and sincerity, focusing on those narratives that traditionally, there has been less space for. Her first book, which is being published this spring, explores the issue of sexual violence using story. She compiles over 12 different stories (including her own) and through original reporting and analysis answers the question: How can we solve the pervasive problem of sexual assault? By day, Kaley works as the right-hand to award-winning documentarian Erin Lee Carr, whose films are known as empathic meditations on femininity. Before working with Carr, she studied writing at UCLA and founded a small start-up website that showcased young women in nontraditional careers called Women’s Work Collective. She completed her undergraduate degree at Boston University in 2017 (studying Film & TV, Journalism and Philosophy), and got her real education in premium storytelling while working at HBO in Los Angeles for two years. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is in the early stages of developing her next book.

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