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Kali -Started her career in critical care medicine as a nurse in an “Awake and Walking ICU”. In that ICU it is normal to have almost all patients awake and walking on the ventilator. 98% of those survivors discharge directly home from the hospital while only 46% of the same ICU patients discharge home at a neighboring hospital.

After a few years of thinking this was the standard of care, I left to be a travel nurse around the USA. I saw that in every other hospital I worked in every single patient on a ventilator was in a medically-induced coma. This causes post-ICU PTSD, post-ICU dementia, tracheostomy, death, infection, blood clots, and sets patients up for life-long disability.

I returned to the “Awake and Walking ICU” as a Nurse Practitioner and have continued to understand how different outcomes are depending on the care patients receive. I have dedicated my career to helping the ICU community and public understand the decades of research we have showing the harm of sedation and immobility,

I can provide shocking data, insight, and warnings that can potentially change the lives of your listeners or their loved ones.


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