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About This Episode

Anu Verma


About Me

Born and bred in Coventry, England, I am a proud physiology and health sciences graduate from Metropolitan University and later did my MSc in Sports Science. My life has been a roller coaster of emotions and turmoil, fear and frustration, stemming back to my dreadful experiences of abuse as a child. It’s my ups and downs, lows and highs that shaped me as a person, first threatening to destroy me, then revealing a path to freedom and happiness that I thought I would never find.

In an urge to find peace, I penned down my tale in the form of a beautiful book narrating my life story. I have had much therapy but I found writing to be very therapeutic. It has helped me to heal and has given me a voice, so much so that I have recently been published.

Victim 2 Victor leads through beautifully woven patterns of self-exploration. I launched my book in hopes that it will help others find themselves the way in which I did, through travel, self-help and determination to cast off my damaging past.

When I’m not writing, recording or teaching, I am likely making memories with family, reading amazing books, meditating, practicing yoga, helping others, going for long walks and keeping fit. My heartfelt love for traveling manifested itself in not one, but two backpacking trips around the world when I skydived in Cairns, immersed myself in a shamanic village in the Philippines and volunteered at a school in Nepal. I yearn to travel the world, long for crazy adventures, and I look forward to fulfilling my endearing wishes in the near future.

I am a Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Therapist as I love doing energy work and I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist as I believe that transformative healing that can take place during deep hypnosis. I gained my Yoga instructors qualification in 2015 due to my passion in the health & mental benefits of practicing yoga daily. I have trained in Neuro-Linguistics and have also gained my level 4 in counselling which has given me the tools to help through talking therapy. I have also become a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and am currently training for my postgraduate diploma as a PTSD and trauma specialist, as I continue my journey of growth and education.

I started my ‘Victim 2 Victor’ Podcast show earlier this year which I am thoroughly enjoying as I have been able to tackle some very difficult taboo subjects around rape and sexual abuse which are impacting many survivors.

Although I am aware that there is much literature out there on the subject of abuse and there are some common traits in most experiences, I do still believe that every journey and experience is unique. As a British born Asian woman, I know only too well that in my community, many issues are still taboo and not discussed openly or at all.

An ambitious and a free-wandered soul, I am on a dedicated mission of using my skills and life experiences to help others improve their lives. My hope and wish is to reach out to as many people as possible and for them to know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.



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