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About This Episode

Paula Quinsee


I started my life purpose from my own personal journey of adversity of losing my mother at age 7, sexual abuse, binge eating, failed relationships and more, until I decided that my past does not define who I am – I do.

Life is too short to be unhappy and miserable especially in our relationships which should be our biggest source of support and nurturing after all whether that be at home or in the workplace.

I am a passionate advocate for positive and healthy relationships, personal development, well-being and GBV and empowering others with insights and tools to have the relationships and life they desire.

I help men, women and organisations to expand and maximize their energy, for high performance and resilience, at work and in life.

I am a mental health and GBV advocate, have consulted to ‘Married at First Sight‘ SA TV show and regularly appears in the media


  • Margaret Hirsch Business Women Awards Finalist 2017
  • Thriving Magazine ‘Tell Your Story’ Winner 2017
  • Gender Mainstream Awards Positive Role Model Finalist 2019


Paula Quinsee: Relationship Expert and passionate advocate for creating healthy relationships at home, in the workplace, and against GBV, to co-create a more human connected world, and positively impact people’s lives. Paula is also an international speaker and author of Embracing Conflict and Embracing No. More info:

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