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About This Episode

Brenda McChesney


About Me

Brenda McChesney is an international health and wellness speaker, author, and entrepreneur. She has trained thousands of wellness professionals across North America. Before launching her CBD businesses, she spent 20 years co-creating and leading America’sfamily support movement to ensure children and their parents have the supports needed to be safe, stable, and thriving. In 2018, she founded Ignite Your Zen, a mindful living company dedicated to human flourishing. Shortly after, she launched two additional companies, Healing Power of Hemp and Flourish HempHealth, based on the premise that suffering from pain, sleeplessness, and stress takes away your ability to be the parent, partner, professional and human you wish to be in the world.

Brenda has launched multiple CBD product lines; the nation’s first AVEDAand CBD Spa, Salon, and Wellness Studio; founded Flourish Hemp-InfusedYoga and Meditation; Advisor to the international meditation company -Vacation of the Mind, co-star of the podcast, Sliding into Stillness…at Warp speed! being released this summer; and author of two upcoming books: CBD & Me Daily CBD Tracker and CBD & Me 30-Day Challenge. In 2021, Brenda was named ‘Top 100 Healthcare Leaders’ by theInternational Forum for Advancements of Healthcare; and ’10 Best CEOs of2021′ by the Industry Era Women Leaders Magazine for her entrepreneurial innovations in mindfulness-based hemp health and wellness.

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