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About This Episode

Christine Depre


About Me

Christine Depre is one of four children born in Point Pleasant New Jersey and raised at the Jersey Shore. While her parents moved her around a lot she spent a majority of her child hood in Manchester and West Paterson NJ. Christine is a mother of seven beautiful children. She has a large blended family and she loves every minute of it.

Christine had her first two children at the ages of fifteen and sixteen and was not able to complete high school. She dropped out of school in the beginning of ninth grade. Refusing to give up on her education she earned her GED shortly after only was not able to attend college due to life circumstances.

Christine endured much trauma as she made her journey through life as a single teenage mother. In May of 2000 Christine was faced with a life threatening event when she was sexually assaulted after a home invasion. This changed her and her children’s lives forever and the reason she wants to share her experience. In hopes to inspire that survivors are not alone.
In March of 2015 she was able to settle down after she married her current husband. With much support she was able to begin college the fall semester of 2015. With an eighth grade education she knew the challenges that lay ahead of her but decided to continue anyway. She quickly grew confident as she settled in at Ocean County College in Toms River NJ. Christine Graduated in May 2018 with an Associates in Science Majoring in Criminal Justice with Honors.

Shortly after graduation her family was transferred to Jacksonville Florida with the military as her husband Is active duty. Once settled in she wasted no time and was admitted to Florida State College at Jacksonville and began her Bachelors program in Human services. She graduated May 2020. Currently Christine is finishing her MPA and it will be completed in August of 21. She is pursuing this dream with hopes to be able to inspire as many as possible with her journey. Christine plans to speak publicly about her story.
Currently, she is working as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and plans to continue this work while on her path.

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