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About This Episode

Erin Thomas


About Me

Well, my resume says that I’m a writer, a content creator and a brand strategist. It talks about my masters degree, about the businesses I’ve launched, the pieces I’ve had published and the fact that I’ve been self-employed for 16 years and counting. What it doesn’t convey is all the good stuff…The real stuff that I bring to the table. If I had to answer with just one sentence, I’d say, ‘I am a professional leaper.’ And my gift is helping others to do the same- in their lives, in their businesses, in their stories.

As a storyteller who has seen time and time again the incredible power of compelling content, I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and property owners from around the world take their ventures to the next level through the power of language.

Online Presence is Today’s Social Currency.

But not just any presence- a crystal clear one. Your ability to clearly communicate what you offer is the single biggest factor in your success. Why? Because confused people don’t buy.

As a successful multi-property host myself, my first task when working with new clients is mindset: If you’re approaching your rental as a ‘hobby,’ then you can’t expect results- or income- as if it was a business. Then, I work with busy short-term rental hosts to get clear on what they offer- a 1st class EXPERIENCE, not just a property- and then to create clear, creative content that elevates their listing, establishing them as THE go-to property in their area. This means higher rates, higher search placements, more bookings, more 5-star reviews…and more revenue in their bank accounts.


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