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About This Episode

Jill Hecker


About Me

Hi! I’m Jill and am a culinary storyteller! I am in the business of happiness and nostalgia. My passion is American dishes from the 1940s – 1980s. I have a YouTube channel where every week I select a dish, these go from the classics to the obscure, and tell the stories about them then show how to make the original recipe or one that fits in with the decade.

My channel has become a place for childhood memories and that was done to my surprise, completely by my fans. They share their childhood stories about the dishes I make. It is absolutely wonderful to hear how many lives these classic dishes have touched. I absolutely love to hear when people make them and their memories go right back to their childhood.

I am a full of energy human fact book about so many cool stories of food of the past. I love sharing how dishes came to be and any interesting stories about them. I also love to talk about what was going on at the time the particular dish. I get very silly and entertaining but I have a very serious passion for these retro dishes and my mission is to not let them get lost in history.

I share the dishes and stories and get people excited about bringing back these classics. My tagline is….Every DIsh has a Story. And, nothing can be any more true. I would love to share my passion and knowledge with you and your audience. It truly makes my heart sing.

I invite you to check out my channel to truly see what I am all about!


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