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About This Episode

Beth White & John Carney

About Me

AI or artificial intelligence  is a fast growing area in information systems. AI is far better at predicting behavior than the human mind. That’s cool. AI can also develop value systems we can’t explain, leading to questionable decisions that seriously impact our lives. That’s scary. But there’s a way to control that too. Our Intelligent Assistant provides a knowledge base of the most commonly asked HR and IT questions.  With an easy to use interface, you can select curated questions and answers or customize the content to fit your business needs. Empower employees to be their best selves, in their flow of work using our AI Chatbot in Teams, Slack and Web Chat.

Learn about how AI is being developed and deployed in this business case in Human Resources, a rather over looked industry for AI. Beth White is the founder and CEO of MeBeBot. Along for the ride an co-contributor is MeBeBot CTO, John Carnery.

Enjoy a great conversation and learn about AI. 



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