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About This Episode

Patsy Roach


About Me

I am 58 years old. Super Secretary during the day and passionate blogger by night.

In August of 2016 I ventured into the world of online dating. More like online scamming! I started on and my very first message was from a guy who said he was in the army stationed in Syria on a “peacekeeping” mission. I soon learned that this line would be used on me about 300+ more times.

 Through countless research and doing my own investigating, there are people out there (from Nigeria I hear) who pose as our military and try to get lonely women to fall in love with them online. In the end, they end up asking for money from the lonely ladies. Many of these women have sent thousands of dollars to these scammers.

This is how I play the game. I go along with them for a while, let them believe I am interested, and then: I come in for the kill. It seems when you call them out on their lies, they block you right away. Which proves they are not who they say they are. They are also in Instagram and Twitter as well which now is how I get contacted by them.

 I even contacted the US Army about my blog and they sent me some great information on this. I shared it on my blog. I also receive good information to share on my blog from a coworker who works in the Cyber Security Department.

 I have had many pose as celebrities as well. Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Billy Idol to name a few. 

 The new thing I have been doing now is they want to video chat with you on Instagram or Google Hangout. So I place my phone so they can’t see me but I turn on the camera on my PC so I can record our conversation. This gives women a chance to see what they sound like. To really hear their voices and see how quickly they “fall in love” with you.



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