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About This Episode

Larry Blizzard


About Me

Entertaining, Energetic, Fun, Informative! Leave em wanting more!

A True Professional with real world experience and knowledge is finally ready to share his closely guarded secrets.

For over 30 years “Lucky Larry” Blizzard has been an active real estate investor, landlord, Re-Builder and money lender of single-family homes. He is also a prominent speaker, trainer, consultant, and author who is respected throughout the Baltimore area’s real estate community. 

Larry has been recognized as the Adversity Strategist and the foremost authority on creative real estate techniques and transactions.

As the Specialist in the diagnosing and prescription of Hard-Hitting Strategies that eliminate a multitude of complex homeowner hardship issues.

Issues such as;

Large IRS, state medical, violation and property tax liens. Death -murder- suicide in a home. Fire, mold, asbestos, and water damaged houses. Bankruptcy, divorce, mental disorders, drug & alcohol addiction. Over leveraged – over mortgaged with payments too high. House rich but cash poor. Fractured & contested estates. Estranged heirs. Family disputes. Clouds on title or title flaws that keep one refinancing or selling.

Larry’s interview style is energetic, lighthearted & fun with a touch of comedy while leaving the listener with real world ideas and techniques. Through the use of true to life stories of real situations and people, not only is his talk captivating, fun and entertaining but very informative so the listener can use what they learn in their current situations.

Although straight forward and direct, he shows pure empathy towards each individual’s current situation. Shhh, what’s his secret? The homeowner’s wants and needs come first – always!

To get a feel of his style in an interview, request a FREE Copy of his book at









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