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About This Episode

Rev Deb Bishop


About Me

I stepped on stage for the first time at four and have been stepping on stages, of one form or another ever since! I’m an award winning recording artist, produced playwright, actor, author, and serial entrepreneur. I’ve been voted among the top 30 intuits and empaths in the world, and have been working as an energy practitioner for 20 plus years assisting clients in understanding that they are the magic pill they’ve been looking for! Reprogramming their automatic responses and impulses so they literally create what they desire.

Recently I’ve brought my worlds together with the creation of my one-woman-show “Worthy” that merges original music, storytelling and humor while revealing what it means to be human in the world today. I am trained and certified in various different alternative modalities, and am deeply committed to building conscious community.

An advocate for wildlife and the planet at large, I am the proud momma of my furry four legged babies and one turtle! I love to paint, to grow things, to hike in nature and people watching. I believe peace is possible in my lifetime, but only when enough people have peace in their hearts.

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