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About This Episode

Alexander Rauser


About Me

Alexander Rauser is the author of Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability and Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation, and creator of the DSX, a digital strategy and transformation program for businesses.

When the first-ever MP3 players popped on the scene, followed in 2001 by Apple’s iPod, this new tech disrupted the music industry, including the company Alexander worked so passionately for. That event opened his eyes to just how quickly an entire industry can be turned on its head.


Based on these events he made it his personal mission to be a digital transformation expert and help companies across industries, by implementing practical methods of technology utilization, innovation, and operations transformation, he has helped countless brands improve their digital footprints.


His team has worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational firms. Throughout this work, they have obtained a uniquely deep insight into the toughest digital transformation challenges faced by organizations today.


He founded his company, Prototype, in 2010. Prototype offers organizations of all sizes a guide to achieving success in digital transformation via a unique methodology that combines design and technology to launch new products fast and efficiently.

Alexander and his team at Prototype since then had the opportunity to work with customers ranging from international brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Emirates Airlines as well as startups and industry disruptors.

Alexander is also the founder of Flux Panda a live commerce SaaS solution enabling e-commerce businesses to create their own live selling channels with just a few clicks.



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