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About This Episode

Lisa David Olson


About Me

Humor is a connector. A traumatic childhood was the start of how I found humor and went on to running an award winning comedy troupe. 

I came from a traumatic childhood, and I talk about how humor saved my life. 

I’m a speaker, and had a comedy troupe for two decades. 

I love teaching improvisation as a creativity tool to entrepreneurs and those needing to get unstuck with projects. (I do this over calls and zoom for now).

I have a book as well as a creative journal. 

I created a dare to myself and can’t wait to tell you about it!

I adore pranks, dares and believe humor is a connector – which are all my passions. Let’s laugh and learn together. This year needs the lighter side of things. 🙂. 

I created a humorist cyber clubhouse on Facebook called Counter Clockwise. 

Thanks for your consideration. 

My podcast:

Book: Laughs On Wry; an improviser’s memoir 

Journal: What Ifs & Why Nots

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