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About This Episode

Scott Stonham


About Me


Technology Enthusiast With A Passion For Good

I’ve spent 25 years bringing technology innovations to life that we take for granted today – the mobile internet, mobile advertising, smartphone, messaging, smartphone navigation and more.

Having worked in senior roles in multinationals as well as an investor, consultant, founder and employee for numerous EU & US start-ups I learnt a lot and discovered my work lacked purpose.

Without realising it, I was searching for my “why” for more than five years, then in 2019 the opportunity came to do something more meaning full and Well, That’s Interesting Tech! was born.

Today Well, That’s Interesting Tech! is a platform to showcase technology companies and leaders that aspire to do good in our world, aligned with the UN SDGs.

What I can bring:

I can talk about the following topics:

  • Advancements in technologies
  • Emerging technologies such as AI, Drones, Robots, IoT, XR, VR, AR, emotional technologies, and more
  • Impact of technologies on humanity
  • Sustainability in business
  • The UN SDGs and why they are more important to more people now
  • Companies, technologies and people working towards these
  • Startups in the sustainability, impact and ESG space
  • Living and working abroad
  • Life in a startup
  • Life after a startup acquisition
  • Building your own business
  • Lessons from starting things up
  • Opinions on the future

I’ve lived 99.9% of my life in the UK, but traveled to most corners of the world for work. I now live in central Europe, in a country I don’t speak the language of. Googling my name will give you plenty of reference material too.

A few of the more recent examples are:

  • Plus plenty of videos on my website, this one in particular:

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