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About This Episode

Alexander Rauser


About Me

I’m Kerry Olvera. I’m a bilingual Brick-and-Mortar business owner, a teacher, entrepreneur, and health seeker. I co-own three Hispanic Grocery Stores since 2007, along with the real estate they sit on. It’s been one heck of an entrepreneurial experience and now I’m using that business experience combined with my health achievements in developing a line of flower essences to help other entrepreneurs reduce anxiety and stressors.

My journey in health and healing began when I found a growth on my liver 18 years ago. I found natural eating, then homeopathy, then EFT, and Eutaptics, which led to Flower Essences.

The mind-body connection is so strong, our success, or lack of it, can come from our emotional state. Take care of how you handle your emotions, and you’ll see changes in your physical health, wellness and success.

Flower essences can help in three ways.

  1. It can help with Short Term problems;
  2. It can help us get out of Chronic issues;
  3. Flower essences can help us reach new goals and improve on strengths.

I have seen first hand how people can stand up and be stronger in their choices, develop their voice and make better decisions simply by using flower essences. I would love to chat with you on any of the focuses above. The cultural aspect of working in a family business, developing a business mindset, keeping healthy as the stressors of life and business continue.


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